25 Bay Mills Blvd
Toronto, ON M1T

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Staff are too rude. Apartment is filled with roaches. After the pest treatment, it gets even more. It's disgusting roaches running everywhere.. on the kitchen counters, on your cleaned dishes... when you get up night you must be careful not to step on them... Uh.. horrible..

The staff here are very good and friendly,helpful, no issues or concerns with them and very quick to respond.
This is the worst place to live on planet. Roaches are everywhere in kitchen, washroom, tub, balcony, clothes, furniture, bags, FOOD, fridge, oven, etc in spite of many many many continuous treatments, in-fact they are multiplying at a very fast pace. we share food, clothes, foot ware etc and love with them.
The lovely bed bugs are our best friends they are supportive all the time, sp

ent many sleepless night with them. they are in abundance feasting on our blood.
At last it was like we live in their (Roaches and bed bugs) apartment.

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Rude Staff, yes, no doubt about it!
Spraying to get rid of roaches, it's a joke. The contracted company came in and lightly sprayed, asked to come back to spray the area such as corners, got refused, their time is done.

We purchased our own sprays and it worked more effectively, however, the whole building is infested, you just can't get rid of it. the roaches from your neighbours just crawled to your room. We will not take anything with us when we leave this place.

on Jan 12, 2015 i went to see the apartment looking to rent a 2 bedroom apartment. I was shown an apartment and it was obvious that they were in the midst of packing so i did not judge the fact that it was a mess. What bothered me was after walking around i seen a couple roaches scurrying across the floor but i didnt say anything it was only when we were about to leave did she show us a closet we had not seen and out poured a family of roaches she was kind of shocked but ensured us that it would

be sprayed before we move in. now i dont know if they have bed bugs.. but roaches i can confirm that.

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I'm resident of 4 years now, I love the place, apartments big, close to shopping mall. Unfortunately, the stuff is ignorant, I have roaches in my place and it gets worse. I have roaches in my bedroom, crawling on bed when we sleep. Heating is horrible I got ice and snow behind my windows inside my room. I hate it here now, I thought I finally found place to settle down with my children, now I hate everything about my place. If they change the ignorant, rude stuff, properly spray the whole build

ing I may stay but that will never happen

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I am a resident of 25 Bay Mills . I get the bed bug before 3 years and until now I still have them . they made many treatment but it was not done correctly. I get it from another unit , there was three appartment on my floor had bed bugs.

the company they bring to make treatment for bed bugs do not do their job as suppose to be , some time I made all the preparation and no one come .

Now there is many appartment have bed bugs

I heard right from the exterminator that there is a bedbugs problem on the 5th floor.

I got it since end of last year when I moved in. I am still fighting against it.

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