22 Metropolitan Rd
Toronto, ON M1R

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June 30-July 8 was our stay, we occupied ajoining rooms 2208/2210, my mother stayed in 2208 and about on the 4th day she mentioned to me that she had been bitten by something. Her entire chin area of her face was covered in huge bites, her arms, her legs, her hands, her shoulders and back, any exposed skin was bitten by bed bites!! We told the front desk, and they moved us right away into a new nice room 1124/1126 on the main floor. Our last 4 days of our vacation was RUINED due to having to

re-wash all of our laundry and bag them in garbage bags, also when we arrived home, we thru our suit cases away, all of my childrens stuffed animals which were souveniers from our trip were also thrown out.

I talked to the sales and marketing manager at the hotel, and they are only willing to refund 1 room for the 8 days, and half of our other room. I am not happy with this settlement as my mom has permanent scars on her face, and also the huge inconvience it caused us, let alone ruining our vacation

now, lets put the bed bug issue aside, lets talk about the prostitutes that solicite the hotel, as well as the drug dealers!! When you walk down a certain hallway in the hotel, all you can smell is marijuana. My husband was solicted by a prostitute right out front of the hotel.
We would sit on the balcony every night watching the prostitues walking in and out of the hotel!!
So we were curious what was going on, and asked the maitenence guy that works there, he told us that the hotel rents rooms out to the JOHNS and drug dealers!! I warn you, this is NOT a family hotel like it advertises, if you want your children to be subjected to drugs and prostitutes, stay somewhere else!!!!!

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Septemeber 2-3, 2011. My back my arms and my breasts were covered in bed bug bites. I called on September 6, 2011. I should have called sooner but I never thought about doing that. When I called them the front desk acted so non-chalant as if it didn't matter. If you don't want to infest your home DO NOT GO TO THIS HOTEL. The bed bugs will come home in your overnight bag or your clothes. A bed bug infestation will cost you an arm and leg to take care of.

Howard Johnson Warden and 401 - friend of ours was staying there Jan. 31/2010 and was bitten by bed bugs. He complained to management and they refused to acknowledge the problem.

Howard Johnson hotel room 1202
We stayed overnight on aug.25th/08.
We did a quick search for bedbugs when we arrived, and saw no evidence. The next morning when we woke up I saw something crawling on the headboard; it was a bedbug! Then I noticed my girlfriend's back covered in bites. I caught it, showed it to the manager, he refunded our money, but refused to pay to have our belongings professionally cleaned, and made it look like this was the first time this had happened.

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