2700 Lawrence Ave E
Toronto, ON M1P

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I'm a new tenant I want to move
Flipping building is crap
Workers don't do work on time
Floors never mop
Garbage Shute always not cleaned out
Laundry room is filthy
Elevator takes for ever
Floors smell like cat pee or dog pee
No wonder there is too many bed bugs

Saw one or two bedbugs when we first moved here in April. It's the cockroaches that were absolutely everywhere at first. Building manager had already scheduled pest control to do our apartment. They came 3 days after we moved in, put out traps and bait. Within a few days there were no more of either bedbugs or cockroaches and haven't seen any since.

The buildings fairly clean and has good pest control, I think it's just a few tenants in the building who don't take care of their places that

get them and they spread out from there. Just put a request in for pest control with the supers and take care of your place...and bug the neighbors that don't cause they make it difficult for the rest of us.

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I have 2 little children and now they are sleeping on the floor cause I had to throw the bed out and I am throwing out my other household stuff because the problem is getting severe. I am getting phobia of BED BUGS and spending sleepless nights as a result of this pain. I need to rescued.
Aug 2012

there is to many pakies

I moved to this apartment on January, since then i have been eaten alive by bed bugs, I have developed symptoms all over my bodies. I have been staying with them for about 6 months. I have spent over $100 for medicine. Now im leaving the house. (no other choice)

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