20 Antrim Cres
Toronto, ON M1P

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It was in 2008 that a friend of mine lived in Apt. 902 at 20 Antrim Cresent. He had reported to me that years earlier he has quite an infestation which, odd to say, he says he took care of by simply picking the bugs up one at a time at a time when they seemed to appear (2am). These fellow passed away about two years ago. He was prone to bringing "found" intems into his apartment. I suppose it's possible that the building might have routinely "treated" the apartment after his belongings were

vacated. His was one of the dwelling in that building that were designed for folks who had been relocted out of tent city.

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The inspector came today, and fortunately my unit is not affected (yet). There are definitely bed bugs in the building though. Unit 709 was the one who reported them.

I'd like to inform people of POTENTIAL bed bug activity in this building. Management has distributed letters saying that a pest control company will be inspecting the building for bed bugs next week (Mar. 29th). Units to be inspected are on the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors. While I commend management for being proactive, unfortunately I think this means that there is a known infestation on one or more of these floors.

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