10 Glen Everest Rd
Toronto, ON M1N

Found 2 reports:

Building is infested with bedbugs. You can get rid of them for a litle while but they always come back. Super will spray depending on if they see a infestation. People have bugs but will not call super as they are lazy. Bulding full of people mental health problems and and previous street people involvement,alcaholics
Cleaners do what they can but these types of people cause problems

We have several client's that are in our office daily reporting issue's with bedbugs. We have visually verified this on these person's. Client's are stating that the landlord is not taking control of this issue. Some units are individually sprayed. There is only so much we cn do for these people, but something has to be done. This is a subsidized building and these people do not have the funds to pay to have their units sprayed or purchase new beds/covers.

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