3 Brimley Rd
Toronto, ON M1M

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Thats what happens when you live in a building that is part of the ontario housing TCHC the do nothing at all!!!!!!!

As of today nov 13. we found another one

September 2010

Apartment building has had problems with bed bugs. The building only sprayed 1 apartment as the neighborough soon became infected. They do not spray the whole building. had my apartment sprayed 2 times and was told by the exterminators (Orkin) all was clear. So before I unpacked and replaced all the matteresses with new ones and special covers, I had someone else come in a week later just in case and more bugs were found. I had to have it sprayed an additional 3 times from t

he outside company. Last inspection was first week of October. They had the dog come in and now we have been bug free for the last month.
The building is very irrsponsible in how they treat they're tenants. Such a beautiful building
but not proactive on the bug situation.

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