2570 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M1M

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I have been living in this building for 7yrs. I have noticed over the last few months my kids getting bites, I spoke to the management and expressed my concerns. She never once told me there was an issue on the floor above me! There were two infestations upstairs and for sure a serious issue on the 7th floor! I think the building should have to report to the neighbours of the infested apartments and have them swprayed as a precaution! At least I wouldn't have lost all of my furniture!

to dj, FYI : the management is responsible dur to the fact that under the Residential Tenancies Act and Toronto Property Standards,It is the Landlords responsibility to maintain and keep a housing
unit free form vermin.That is regardless of who caused the issue in the first place

I moved out of the building because of the bedbug problems. I didn't want my kids to have any more red bite marks each morning when they woke up. You can spray all you want. The only thing that works is high heat (55 degrees celcius) to kill off the infestation which management refuses to do. I moved out before it got worse. I still have friends in the building. The building is NOT well maintained as one post described. The City issued a report 6 pages long just recently describing the problems

there. The Super is NOT doing her job & management doesn't care. If you don't believe me here's a link to the City Report on the building
Buyer beware.

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Why would a management be responsible for an issue a tenant has when in most cases its the tenant that is at fault?

July 30, 2010
I know of two tenants on the fifth floor and one tenant on the seventh floor of this building that have been dealing with bedbugs for several months. Both apartments have been sprayed several times however, the problem still persists. Management has been cooperative with spraying the apartments but refuses to take responsibility for the tenants loss of furniture, etc as a result of these infestations.

Thanks "Worried"
I too was concerned about bed bugs as i had a bad experience at my previous residents. I have been a tenant here for just a few months and have to say it is one of the cleanest buildings I've ever lived in. I know that there was one apartment on the 9th floor that complained about Bed bugs, but since then there hasn't been anything. I see the pest control come by monthly to do regular preventative sprays and stuff, and i know this as well from speaking to the other tenants.

I'm sorry to hear your dad had an issue, but its usually a tenant that moves into a building that isn't very clean and brings them with them.
All in all i think this a great location and a friendly family oriented building.
Many thanks to the Super - Linda!

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#901, We visited my Dad who is a senior and noticed bright red dots on his skin over areas of his back & shoulders & a few on his chest and legs. This was the begining of the summer. Didn't think much of it. On another visit, one of his neighbors asked if my Dad had any bedbugs in his apartment. I asked how you would know. He told me that their bites left bright little red marks on the body. I moved my Dad out of that building.

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