2550 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M1M

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2550 & 2560 Kingston Road Toronto, Ontario Canada Having issues with Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Not Cashing Money Orders and then accusing the Tenant of not paying rent and taking them to the Tribunal. Mr Hal was very rude to me. I just wanted to give the guy a B_I-T_CH Slap over the phone that's how rude he is... (though I really would not)

I was also told that there was NO Cockroaches before I moved in. I have never lived anywhere with these bugs so there is now way I would have brought them. A

lso why do I have to request spraying? Are they not suppose to spray every 6 months? My sibling lives in a co-op and they spray every 6 months for both bedbugs and roaches. How hard is it for them to do this? If you only spray when people move out they just go to another apartment.

The building was inspected for the smoke alarms and detectors and mine was not working since I moved in, the inspection was about 4 months ago, and I was told I would get a new one and I am still waiting on this.

It is also nice when you want to try and stay healthy and take the stairs instead the elevator and people pee on the landings and then it can take them months to clean it up. I think the longest a puddle was there for was 2 months and when they did clean it up they do not do it fully so you can still see where it was.

I was also told when I was looking at the place that there was a pool. I asked Larry (the Buliding Ast S Att) because on the ad they had said they did and I asked how to get to it and they said you go through the underground parking to the other building. After I moved in I asked a few months later how to get to it since it is in the other building and then I was told that it has not been working since 2006. They seem to advertise they have a pool during the winter months and in the summer they don't say they have one.

Also I have had problems with my water running constantly from the bath ever since I moved in. They had to know about this because as soon as I tested the water the first day it has never shut off. It will stay off all the way if they turn the water off but will start running again when they turn the water back on, which is how they did it probably before I moved in. I only know this because they seem to be doing constant repairs to the plumbing where the water is shut off at least once a month if not more and they do not always give notice. Though due to my water running all the time it is easier for mold to grow and I am constantly cleaning in there.

I really feel that these apartments are not worth the $1000+ rent that the tenants pay

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