1 Brimley Rd
Toronto, ON M1M

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My sister has lived there for over a year and just got them. I don't know if an adjacent apartment was recently sprayed but her place is crawling with them. They are in her hair, her dogs hair, falling off the ceiling in her bed. Today she woke up and found 11 bugs on her chest. They are out in the DAY (!) walking on the walls and she even saw one on her balcony.

She says she has hem in her car too now.

Her apt is infested and she is only found bites for a month. So...the whole apt buildin

g must be in bad shape.

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On Thursday January 29 I saw something crawling on my sheets, I was not sure what it was as I had to get and use washroom. Anyhow I made up my mind to change my sheets and launder everything. Someone had told me a few weeks ago she had bed bugs and had to throw everything out. After she told me that I had went and got a mattress cover for my mattress but not my box spring. When I stripped my bed I thoroughly checked it out and something told me to look at the box spring and there I saw the bug.

I want to nip this problem in the butt before it gets too costly.

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According to other tenants in this building it has been a recurring problem for years, personally we have been dealing with this months.

Several sprays from a less than effective company and no results, bites are getting worse and no end in sight. Stay away!

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