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Toronto, ON M1L

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I moved in to an appartment on Denton avenue, toronto, ontario (Victoria park and Denton)May, 2009. A few weeks after I moved in, I got bites on my body. I didn't know what bedbugs are at that time. So, I ignored it for a while. But it didn't go away. After I researched about it, I realized I have bebugs. I complained to the manager of the building. They came and sprayed my appartment, but it didn't go away. In 7 months my appt got sprayed more than 12 times. I had no choice but to move out and

left all my brand new beautiful furniture, and bought everything from scartch. I complained to the Tenant and landlord association and took the casse to the small claim court. But the owners where richer than me. They had a lawyer and witnesses. All I had was a paralegal. They won the case, and I got nothing out of it. I lost about 7000$ on this. They didn't even give me back my last month rent which I didn't live in that appt. The judge actually did not believe me! I am so depressed. I lost a lot of money and when I stood up for myself at the court the judge did not believe me. So, no wonder people don't complain and the city is infested!

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