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Bedbugs is noting now at 682 warden ave. yesterday I was sprayed for bebebugs, that will be 3 times within 3 weeks and this morning 3 am I was woken up by bedbus on me, it seem the guy didn't do a good job,I don't what to do, it getting on my nerves,

Bedbugs is noting now at 682 warden ave. yesterday I was sprayed for bebebugs, that will be 3 times within 3 weeks and this morning 3 am I was woken up by bedbus on me, it seem the guy didn't do a good job,I don't what to do, it getting on my nerves,

Wed. Jun 3,2015

I have been living in the building for a few months.I see the odd cockroach now and then.The superintendent would call in pest control from time to time .But last night , I felt a itch in my left arm .I feel as if something bit my arm,so I started to check my bed just to find at least 15 or more moving slowly on the crease of the matteress .

lived at 682 warden ave for about 5 years and there been bed bugs in my apartment since then..they sprayed a lot of times and still have them.I bought a new sofa set and bedbugs are in there.I cannot afford to wash my cloths every time they come to spary..THC.should spray from top to bottom...

My Father lived in the building from 1991 till he passed away in 2008, and from the time he started living there the management really doesn't do much. When he first moved in it was a seniors building however they changed it to allow all low income people into the building. Cockroaches was always a bad problem, and there was never any bed bugs, than one day the pest guys came in and 3 days later the whole building was infested!!!! These slum lords could has caught this problem early and correcte

d it however they did not. When my dad started noticing bed bugs in the hallway he told management and all they do is say oh we will spray but whats spraying gonna do if your not doing every unit. Bedbugs will climb up in the walls and sit there for up to a year before they come down and re infest!!! he best thing you can do if you can not get out is use kerosene, that was my fathers last attempt to keep himself free from these bugs as he was very sick every week we would just put a small amount around under his bed frame and around the door frame and anywhere else he had noticed them coming from.. it kept the bed bugs out but never got rid of the cockroaches but i guess i would rather cockroaches than bed bugs right... This place needs to be evacuated and put under a tent and bug bombed!!! than they can clean up the units perhaps paint them cause once you become a lifer at 682 warden ave don't expect nothing your paint can hang off the ceilings they still wont do shit about it..... The worst possible place to ever live.

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I had to get rid of my sofa set because of bed bugs, I live at 6821 Warden Ave, it's on the top of the list for bed bugs, Toronto housing own the apartment and seem to don't care.I had to wash all my cloths and dry them cost over 50.00, that is beding too, they sparyed my home months ago, and then again just this past month, they are coming back to spary again soon, I had to buy spray and spray in the mean time, What is Toront doing about this matter of bed bugs?

I had tio get rid of my bed this past weekend because of bed buds, They are going to come in my apartment to spary oneday this week. Bugs can been seen in hall way and come into my room from hall wall. Whats going to be doen about this matter, Spry from Floor 16 and work yourself down,. It was Feb 17 I got rid of my bed, I call the office my phone call fell on deaf ears, Come on Toronto Housing, we live in Canada not a third world contry, Start clean up the bugs at 682 warden.

682 Warden has got to be one of the cities top listing for bed bug infestation. TCH has contracted Orkin as their main pest control company to deal with the problem, but i tell you this, that some of Orkin employees does a very lousy job when applying treatments. They don't take the time to properly inspect and spray the units, and some of their staff are unprofessional and rude. Orkin makes alot of money just at this location alone, so i guess why would they even care about properly controlling

the bugs by elimination when they can make a hell alot more by simply applying half ass treatment services.

I'm very surprised that many more people havent submitted complaints, then again, i recently found this web site and contemplated if i should actually post my thoughts, and glad i did. I personally know many tenants on the building who have serious bed bug issues here, who have in-which got at least four spray treatments by Orkin, and still have no less of this issue. Many people are very frustrated and have given up with the thought of ever losing them, because at the end of the day, it is us that get the blame for having them in our units, and not the lack of sufficient care taken.

682 Warden has 16 floors, and i believe that most units on each floor has been affected. I just wish that TCH management would properly maintain this building instead of bandaging it with unsatisfactory service through Orkin. Perhaps by this time next year, i will have moved into a nicer and professionally kept building, i cannot wait.

Frustrated 682 Warden Tenant.

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Bugs are now in Hall way at 682 Warden st, Toronto housing is the landlord and not doing anything, why are they "The toronto housing" getting away with this, we are human, We live in Canada not a third world country.I will called the heatlth dept see what they can do

Live at 682 Warden Ave and it's home to bed bugs, I was in the hallway sitting on the chairs in lobby and notice them, You think where Toronto housing owns the building they would start from top to bottom and get rid of them, We live in Canada and seen we live in the 3rd world, bed bugs are everywhere in the building,

Just moved into a basement apt on 93 North Woodrow. This location is around Birchmount and St. Clair. I've been sleeping in the apt for 4 days and have 15 bites on my upper chest. This is the 2nd location i've encountered these bugs. The first time was 6 years ago in the Toronto downtown location of Riverside. I thought this might be more of a building but infestation thing. I was surprised to see a house/room infested. I'm not sure how i will explain to the owner that i don't want to continue a

lease and would like my money back to find a decent place to sleep and live. I'm so frustrated right now.

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This situation at 682 Warden is crazy, there are bedbugs and cockroaches everywhere. although public health has come in and inspected, I have no faith in what they are trying to accomplish and their method of dealing with the infestation. BEDBUGS ruined my effin life, my mood, my relationships, my ability to feel comfortable in social settings. That defeats the whole purpose of living in social housing to try and better yourself. and I was not forewarned about the infestation which makes it h

ard to cooperate with these fukers who don't even maintain the building properly. I don't want to pay rent here and I wanna move but being low-income limits your freedom in a way. I will move the hell out tho. I will wash up all my laundry and leave everything else.Management sucks here everyone here is mental, slo or on drugs or recovering or some shit.. Well not everyone cuz I am not but they should really shut this place down or burn it down or condemn the building. Seriously I do not recommend this place to anyone who wants to sleep well at night and have peace of mind during the day.

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signs posted in lobby re: free laundry, free mattress covers, and free loaner vacuums. another public housing building infested

Saw bugs on 14 and 15 floors

This building is infested with bed bugs. Our agency works with numerous clients in the building. Public health have even been called in to try and get this situation under control.

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