3196 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M1L

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i actually lived next door tho.. 3194

I lived here as well, no bed bugs when i was there.. 3-4 yrs ago

3196 Danforth Ave

I am a current tenant of the above address for several years now, I was in a state of shock and angry when I read the report. I have never had bedbugs in my apartment the pests (which were summertime ants) when reported to the landlord was promptly attended to by way of a pest control company. Further more the fact that a ex tenant would post anonymously shows me that this is an attempt to embarass and slander a landlord. But what the poster fails to realize is that by ma

king up lies you also embarass the current tenants which have done the anonymous complainant no wrong.

In ending I have no bedbugs, no pests, and a clean apartment that I keep clean.

Frank Jackson

see full report...

i lived here in one of the apartments here. My apartment was so filthy, water would leak through the washroom wall to downstairs and the store beneath would always complain about it. Our apartment roof would always leak, our macedonian lanlord was very cheap and would not spend amy money on fixing things. It has been 6 years since i have moved out and i am not too sure if things have changed at all

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