30 Burn Hill Rd
Toronto, ON M1L

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I moved into a 3 bedroom with my family when I was kid. As soon as we moved in we discovered cockroaches. We lived here for years because we couldn't afford to move anywhere else. We sprayed the place a million times but they would just multiply, especially in the kitchen. At night you turn on the light in the kitchen and they're everywhere. Even in our cereal boxes. It was extremely disgusting and very uncomfortable. It's not livable. Other people in the building had cockroaches, we were clean

but I guess our neighbours were dirty and also there are holes in the walls for those things to crawl through. Some people get lucky and don't have them. Also, the building is ghetto, lots of murders, shootings and cops. When I first moved there someone got shot and killed on my floor. Someone also got shot and killed in the lobby. Oh and I seen 3 guys with bats beat someone up the first week there. I witnessed a lot of stuff living there. It's not ideal for a family, well not ideal for anyone because you will be living with roaches and a dangerous environment. DO NOT MOVE HERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT - NOT RECOMMENDED - I LIVED THERE FOR A LONG TIME SO I KNOW!!!!!!!

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December 31 2011

I lived in this building for 3 years. I was on the 12th floor and had no issues with bedbugs in my unit. I moved out because the cockroach infestation became annoying and gross.

The landlord later admitted that the bed bug problem is on the top floors, 19 th and above.

I would not recommended this place to anyone.

no thing as just one floor being infested it's all our none :(

this place is HELL i had to throughout all my stuff because of bedbugs it was out of control

OMG. I saw an ad for this property and was going to check it out. Thank goodness I checked this site. The landlord said they don't have a bed bug or roach problem over the phone. Is it the whole building or just a certain floor?

Be aware that this apartment is Infested with Bed Bugs. They , did treat my apartment 4 times, bt looks like it is out of control.

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