283 Pharmacy Ave
Toronto, ON M1L

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I have been living since mid-2013 and I haven't seen any bedbugs. Building is old but staffs do their best to take care of the issues whenever I raise my concern. It all depends on who is your neighbors. If they don't keep their apartment clean or leave garbage bag at wrong places then bugs and cockroach will come for sure. If I complain about roach, they call service to put roach killing powder in coming Friday.

Ok place to live given the rent you are paying

Night I moved in, apartment was literally infested with cockroaches. I'm talking hundreds of different sizes. And hatched and unhatched eggs in numerous areas. After 2 weeks we finally got an exterminator who did a half a**ed job. They ended up coming back 2 more times. Eventually the problem got less bad, but the cockroaches never went away completely. And this is in a span of 15 months.

Stairwells are always covered in garbage. One time I even found a condom that looked used.
Parts of th

e stairwells and lobby are crawling with bugs (cockroaches, ladybugs, spiders).

Over the course of my 15 months here, I have heard numerous people complaining of bed bugs. Even though I never had them, thank god.

Elevators break down constantly, fire "drills" or tests happen almost weekly, power and or hot water are shut down occasionally (more than normal).

Staff is rude and incompetent. If you have an issue, don't expect it to ever be fixed. at least not properly or in a timely manner.

So glad I'm finally out of that sh*thole.

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i love living at 283 pharmacy. i love the service they do. poor these people that clean after the tenants that through garbages everywhere and dont care for the neighbours. many times i have to put a notice in the chute room to advise my neighbours to bother and drop the bag inside chute. it is our building and instead of complaining we better care ourself and not blaming others.

in level 6, We found bedbug, I was bite every night, and I don't know where the bedbugs are from, the cockrouches are there since the first day, We lived here for more than 2 years. Don't know what We can do. have to try another place to test our luck

We live at 283 pharmacy ave Homestead Apartments
for 4 years now.
We had ROACH INFESTATION since we moved in.
And for about 6 months we have BED BUGS !!!!!
And there's nothing I can do about it I tried everything I sealed my apartment but
they keep coming from about everywhere.
Finally I found this website to report it so others will know about it.

March 15, 2012

i lived here for a year never once got bit nor seen a bug. and im a reckless 19 yr old. cockroaches crawling out the woodwork though

We moved in In July 1, 2009. The apartment was infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. We fumigated 5 times, we steam ourselves every night, we vaccum everything every night. We lived under horrible conditions. All our clothes were washed and in plastic bags in a storage room, etc, etc for 3 months and we could not solve the problem. We eventually moved out and before we moved out without fumigating again or anything they were showing the apartment to new potential tenants. I told people why I w

as moving out. The Homestead people are so irresponsible and don't care to rent the unit even if they know the place is infested. I even saw the bed bugs in the day time. Before we moved out I saw one in my towel in the day time in the shower.
It is horrible!

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Jan 10 confirmed bed bug problem.Pest control came but still have problem.Location is 283 Pharmacy ave Floor 10.We just moved in Jan 10

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