186 Danforth Rd
Toronto, ON M1L

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April 2012 - My unit was sprayed again. As assurance, I bought a steamer and used it on my matress, bed frame and surrounding area every other week for 5 weeks or more. The bugs seem to have gone from my unit for the time-being. However, tenants continue to move out of here. I've lived here only 2 yrs. Very high turn-over of tenants... suspicious. The landlord is very nosy, controling and behaves like he knows nothing of the bugs. I will take him back to court if necessary. Unsuspecting te

nants have moved in.

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I call it the Bedbug Hotel... The landlord does not believe he should have the entire building sprayed! ...it's a small 14-unit low rise. Since I've lived here (not quite 2 yrs.), several tenants have moved in and out... high turn over of tenants that were required to sign a (landlord-friendly) 2 yr. lease! I HIGHLY SUSPECT that the landlord knew right from the beginning of my tenancy about the bedbugs because he is the only landlord that has ever asked me what I knew about bugs and if I ever h

ad them. Oh, good grief!

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I moved in July 2010. By spring 2011 I had a widespread skin rash and learned I had bedbugs. I freaked. My apartment, as well as the units above and below me, were sprayed with pesticide. The landlord blamed me. I took him to tenant court on grounds that he interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of my home. I won. Spring 2012: bedbugs returned... we were sprayed again.

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