Gilder Dr
Toronto, ON M1K

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30 Gilder drive has a number of cases in the building. Treatment was done quickly to source apartment and surrounding units. The problem is some units that have them are not telling management. Management need to inspect every unit.

Which building on Gilder Drive are you referring too?

The whole building has it and bites are terrible have been bit so much now i believe i need to totally wash myself every hour to stop the itching its been more then a year now, did some pest control by the housing crew however they are still around cant even make ends meet and i have spent over 1000 dollars of borrowed money on carpet cleaning laundry of 3 ppl and washed clothes that i havnt even worn. sleep is gone and its becoming a numbing feeling none of my family members want to come over b

ecause they fear of bites, my daughter always gets bit and she has been bit recently after so called pest control?

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