552 Birchmount Rd
Toronto, ON M1K

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Jen Murray
63 Maple St
Norwood, MA 02062-2160
United States
[email protected]

This woman is a scam artist, a thief, and a psychopath. Avoid her and her scam business if you don't want to get ripped off! She owes me $2500!

This place is gross, there are cockroaches and bed bugs. They rarely clean up the building, there is also a bad habit of people smoking weed in the staircase and anywhere for that matter. Recently there was a break-in in the indoor parking, resulting in 12 cars being broken into (last week:WED.20.2016)this happened because there is no locks on the doors to get in the garage same goes for the doors to get into the building. Whenever a issue arises and you go to the manger they take very long time

to get to the problem and when they do get to the problem they do it very half-assed. To the point where the problem would come back in a few days. If you have the chance DO NOT MOVE HERE. I could go on about the problems but all i have to say is get your shit together.

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Got notice from the Building Management confirming that the suit close to my apartment has bedbugs and they need to enter to do inspection and treatment, so i started looking around found the rooms already have bedbugs crawling on the walls
Called back to inform the office what i found took photos they then inspected and decide to do a full treatment knowing that was the case they should of done prior to renting the suit instead of after the fact
This is totally unacceptable

Cocroaches and bed bugs are all over the place,building is very dirty. Staircase are dirty.People smoke just at front door which has bad influence to the kids. Supervisors are not careful and front door as well as back doors remain open .Less security.

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