534 Birchmount Rd
Toronto, ON M1K

Found 2 reports:

It is now mid December & the unit has still not been completely cleared out. Therefore it is still suspected that the unit has not been sprayed. How could it have been if the some of the previous renters' stuff is still occupying the unit. Renters' beware!!! Must ask for proof of extermination.

Summer of 2009 a tennent on the second and third floor reported having bed bugs. I belive the units where sprayed.
The tennents have since moved out and New tennents have moved in.

Summer of 2010 tennent on the second have bed bugs, not the same unit as reported last summer. The tennents have been trying to evacuate these little blood sucking vermants all summer with no avail, cleaning, spraying,throwing out old beds and bagging their belongings in hopes to rid their apartment of bed bugs t

hought to have been passed from another floor.

It is now mid November and the garbage has been loaded with what looks like most of their funiture. They moved out of the unit. I have not heard or seen any exterminators in the unit nor the one beside it. I have heard that the appartment has been viewed for rent already.

Without a proper extermination. This is very disturbing to me as the next UNSUSPECTING tennents may be infested with bed bugs. Not a nice thing for anyone to have to deal with.
This is the third or forth unit that has had bed bugs.

I only say this as I feel I would want to know.
We all deserve the truth, to make a choice of where we rest our head. Rent is not cheep these days.

RENTERS BEWARE-ask for proof of extermination.
Good luck.

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