40 Gordonridge Pl
Toronto, ON M1K

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Something is biting me on my arms, and my hand I have huge hives on my right arm right now. my hand (left) has a huge mark. I did have hives before as well. I recently moved into this building. I noticed that after reveiving hives, this is my THIRD TIME HAVING ICHY NESS HIVES ON MY BODY. what can this be from? can anyone tell me?

I currently live at 40 Gordonridge place,and yes it is true. the building is full of bedbugs. I am one of those that currently have bedbugs and unfortunately I have to throw away all my stuff,and nobody even care about it. nobody from the office ever told me that this building has bedbugs,otherwise I would never ever move into it. I never heard of bedbugs before in my life,I have never even seen them before in my life. A girl friend of mine also end up having bedbugs because she was coming to v

isit me sometimes before I find out that my unit has bedbugs. I am a very clean person,but still after all I still can not fight them. yes unfortunately everybody is infected here in this building, and the office people still trying to hide it.

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that true, I have friend, who lives at this address. I have seen bedbug. I hated it. when ever I go to her place. I always make sure i don't get them on me. I always make sure my cloth are washed, when I go home. i don't want to carry them to my place. I hate that building.

I have a friend living here and he says there's bedbugs throughout the building. Even down in the laundry room there was an ad for a bedbug removal service. This is a Toronto Community Housing building.

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