3479 St Clair Ave E
Toronto, ON M1K

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The mail boxes are broken most of the times. checks, letters being stolen. There are dog feces are seen in the floors, the floors are not cleaned properly at all times. The water used to clean the floors are smelly and dirty, the mop is dirty. All the entrance door are broken any one can come in and out of the building with out the key. There should be something done to protect the safety of the tenants. The landlord/managements are not doing any thing to promote safety to the building or to ten

ants is very concerning to all of the tenants. We are paying the rent and doing what we supposed to do as a tenants. Therefore, the managements should do their job as well instead of watching the mail boxed ripped apart and the building is not safe to live should be their priority.

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I am getting bit by bed bugs. My neighbors have them and they are crawling into my place. My anxiety is through the roof and I'm getting bit. Not being able to see them is causing me so much issues

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