30 Gordonridge Pl
Toronto, ON M1K

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All three are totally infested with everything, cockroaches, bed bugs, mice. I came here April 2015 and barely a month later they crawled up through the vents. I've been sprayed twice to no prevail and the office only pays for the two sprays then it comes out of your pocket. This place is disgusting, the office only cares about your money not your well being!!

Also the laundry mat is cockroach ridden. crawling on the walls on the ceiling,

on laundry machines, even in them! I also pulled out the dryer lint catcher and found 5-6 dead bed bugs caught in. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!

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I never heard of this or experience it until I moved in 30 Gordonridge in 2009 the whole building is infested. They sprayed it more than five times and its like the spray helps them mutate make them stronger. This was the worst experience I had in my life and I would not wish this on my worst enemy.I had to throw away my sofa & my bedroom set all brand new that's $4000 dollars of furniture then after 2 years of suffering living in this hell hole dump I gladly gave up my metro housing in 2012 and

pray for whoever is on the waiting list that move in after me because the housing staff is not gonna tell you

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They are in our two bedrooms..
my son felt itchy last week and woke up with several bites on his arm.. we didn't know what it was until I heard someone in the elevator talking about bed bugs in the building.
I have lived in this Toronto Housing unit for over 25 years and never have I witnesses such a horrible thing. I have a very clean unit and am very proud of the fact that I take good care of it.
But the bugs don't care how clean you are.
We just threw out our two mattresses and box spri

ngs,,. purchased new ones and have mattress covers on both.
I have cleand with javex and power.. so far nothing has come back.. but the ORKIN pest control company says they cannot spray until I get rid of everything in my closets, cupboards etc.. I can't do all this by myself.. I need help from someone... I am a mess!!! I live in unit #1704. There are seven units on the 17th floor that are reporting the bugs as well.

Date November 13, 2009

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It started in July of 2006 i was away for the weekend and on my way home my daughter called saying she threw out her mattress as she saw bugs! i later found out the laundry room was closed for that week end due to an infestation. I immediately called and had my unit sprayed. but the problem was we had to leave our home for 11 months due to the bugs we stayed with friends but i still had to pay my rent there and also where we were staying...I would go over after being sprayed and just sit and wa

it ...sure enough the little Bast***ds would come out!!!we finally came back and everything was fine for about a year then it all started again.....finally had enough an dwe have moved out but i am sooo paranoid about anything that crawls now!!

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