2356 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M1K

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I rented for 3 years...and saw roaches in the kitchen and bathroom area. Waste of time reporting to the building superintendent, Voula. Her attitude sucks and doesn't know how to talk to tenant. They respond to problems very late, I had a leakage in the bathroom, and it took them a month before the problem was fixed. Thanks God am out of there now, am living comfortable now.

Renters beware! I checked this site before I moved in to this building but unfortunately the reviews that are here now were written after I had already moved in. This building is absolutely infested with roaches. And like the previous review stated, the superintendent is of no help. Pest control has come a few times but I have just been turned off of living here. I am looking to move somewhere else but moving is expensive so for now I am stuck here :(

We moved in last year and I had seen dead cockroach carcasses under the kitchen sink, I didn't think much of it since the superintendent told us that the room had been sprayed. A few months later we started seeing cockroaches come out from under the kitchen sink, in the wooden cabinets in the bathroom, in the closets, basically we had an infestation, I tried buying cockroach spray which was ver toxic for my newborn and so I ended up having to spend $70.00 in cockroach bait traps which finally er

adicated them. I've been told that all these buildings in this area have cockroach problems,

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Please dont take rent an apartment here.Almost all units have bed bugs. I had a terrible time. Superintend(Voula) is not all co operative.Even after treating the unit, bed bugs didnt go away.You definitly will repent if you rent here

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