2231 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M1K

Found 4 reports:

This building is INFESTED with bed bugs.

I'm another tenant who has been affected by this. Been treated in jan and now again in june. This is ridiculous I never had them until I moved here. I know other tenents have them as well because there are multiple matresses at the back of our garbage area. The whole building needs to be treated immediatley.

The management was very quick to rectify the problem

Jan. 2012 2 of my neighbours were being treated for bed bugs. Then I got them and had to be treated. I had to be treated again in March. The same two neighbours were treated multiple times also. I know other people on other floors have also been treated. Recently there has been bed bug covered furniture left in the lobby, which was however removed as soon as the super was notified. the building management knows that there is a problem but has not put out notices and will not treat the whole buil

ding unless you can prove you have them.

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