19 Rosemount Dr
Toronto, ON M1K

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I was on the phone a few weeks ago when I noticed a small and reddish bug crawling around on my bedroom floor. I squashed it immediately and began my search. lo and behold I had bedbugs. I don't know how many would indicate a full blown infestation but I admittedly had been living like a bachelor at the time.

Now I've cleared and tossed anything in the room and thrown out my mattress.

Just yesterday I had noticed one bed bug climbing up the wall of my living room and again a few min

utes ago. The Bed Bugs haven't been that large in number, i've seen at least 6-7 within the span of two days.

I'm going to contact my landlord and see what can be done about the situation.

I feel the increased sightings have been due to my aggressive changes and hopefully i've got them on the run.


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