50 Trudelle St
Toronto, ON M1J

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It's 2015 now. I have lived on the second floor in this building for two years and have only had a problem with cockroaches. Not even a big one to be honest. The landlords here are good people and do what they can but the roaches are persistent. They stay mostly in the kitchen, though. I barely ever see them in my bedroom. Not as bad as some places, I'm sure.

we have lived in this building for 5 years now.we had bedbugs for 2 or three years now we have been bitten horribly at night leaving red ichy bumps usually on our arms hands and face.we used alcohol,lavender but the only thing to help us at all is the new raid for bedbugs.we seldom see cockroaches anymore.please is there anyone in our building who has this problem also. signed cricket.be prepaired if you rent here.

There is No 8th Floor in this Building, i lived here since 2006, it was clean but staff are getting lazy now, but no bed bugs! Cockroaches are increasing tho.

I lived on the 8th floor of this building for a year and a few months. Left in Feb 2010 after a terrible case of bed bugs in the unit. I had to throw away everything I had including a very expensive bedroom suite.

The management brought in a cheap ass exterminator whose job did nothing to ease the problem.

Avoid this building if you can.

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