370 Mccowan Rd
Toronto, ON M1J

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Terrible place to live; wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. The apartments are extremely outdated and in poor condition for the rent that is asked. Maintenance won't do anything unless something is absolutely falling apart, and if it's not an emergency, don't hold your breath. There is little to no heat in the winter, during the day it's ok, but come night time, you'd better put on several blankets. Worst of all, the building is compromised with roaches and other pests. If I could have a d

ollar for every time I requested a treatment, I could probably quit my day job. Even spraying the place doesn't seem to do much, building is compromised. Building has no cameras or a guard on duty, the stairwell reeks of cigarette and marijuana. There is garbage everywhere (probably what attracts the pests). It'll be a year in July since I have moved in, and I'm not planning on making it 2.

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This building is really low in standard. The building is infested with bed bugs, roaches and giant mices.the balcony is occupied with pigients and there poo which is a really bad health hazard . They uptight about getting the rent on time for there garbage service . Maintainence and there filithy building

DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! This is a SHIT HOLE! Absolutly DISGUSTING living conditions! COCKROACH HOTEL! MILLIONS EVERYWHERE! Apartments are infested with roaches, hallways, laundry room, elevators, lobby, everyehere! Lived here a year and a half only and already its too long! For my first 6 months we were infested with mice, mice in the walls made nests, mice made nests in my oven, took over a week with no oven in my unit to cook with until i got a new one! Mouse shit and piss in bed with my children

, mice running all over the apartment up the curtains, across the couch while you sit on it! Had to have my childrens room condemed for 3 months while they ripped out all the walls and removed dead rats, dead mice, mouse nests with new babies alive in the walls! FUCKING NASTY! The smell of dead rodents was HORRIBLE! My children have been sick with respitory infections OVER AND OVER for the last year and a half due to the FILTH of rodent and cockroach piss and shit! Takes MONTHS to fix a simple closet door around here! Windows howl and whistle with the drafts! Curtains blow in the wind with the windows fully closed! Its soooo bad in here they should pay people to live here and NO ONE should have to pay to live like this!! They have spent hundreds of thousands of $$ to fix it up COSMEDICALLY for show on the outside, but the residents that are left to suffer in these conditions always go ignored!! WORST DECISION EVER TO MOVE HERE! PASS IT ON! TWEET IT, FACEBOOK IT, BLOG THIS SHIT! 370 MCCOWAN IS NOT WHERE U EVER WANNA RAISE YOUR FAMILY!!!! Also there is NO LUXURIOUS INDOOR POOL ITS A LIE! I was promised the pool to be fixed not long after i moved to this dump and still no pool but u will be told there is one and that your rent here is slightly higher due to our luxorious indoor pool that has NEVER worked! The rental ads for this place IS NOTHING BUT A LIE! NO LUXORY JUST FILTH! If u look off your balcony u have a wonderful summer view of RATS the size of DOGS running and playing so happily in the garbage bins and the parking lot! MY SON FOUND DEAD RATS IN THE KIDS BACK PARK! DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS PLAY THERE UNLESS U WANT DISEASES! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS NASTY PLACE!!

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HORRIBLE BUILDING DO NOT MOVE HERE!! This place is INFESTED WITH ROACHES in the year and a half we've been here we've had mice infestations and now roaches!! Place is NASTY! The people in the office don't care and every time you prove that their wrong and you're right they get SILENT! THERE ARE COCKROACHES EVERYWHERE! LAUNDRY ROOM ELEVATORS! NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO PAY TO FUCKING LIVE HERE! I recently went on their website and they said this building is full of luxuries if 1000's of free pets is a

luxury then YOU CAN KEEP THAT SHIT!! This building is a shit hole I cannot stress enough how you DO NOT WANT TO LIVE HERE! DO NOT MOVE HERE! YOU WILL REGRET IT. If you go to the "staff" in the office they sit there like idiots and don't even do their job! It took the maintenance guy 3 FUCKING MONTHS to fix a closet door that is ridiculous!! Obviously these people don't know how to spend money because the lobby looks AMAZING! All nice and renovated while the apartments ARE SHITHOLES AND INFESTED! AGAIN I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH YOU DO NOT WANT TO LIVE HERE!! They will tell you one thing and then when you tell them what they said they turn around and say they did not say that....ALL LIES! All they do is lie to get people to move to this dump don't let them tell you the apartments are clean they are NOT! A friend of mine that lives downstairs has lived here for 4 months and has been sprayed for roaches 8 TIMES! And gelled and dusted 6 TIMES! Do these people not see that as a problem because I do!! People should not be allowed to live here children should not be able to chase cockroaches as a source of entertainment!! THIS IS NOT A PLACE YOU WANT TO RAISE YOUR FAMILY!! DO NOT MOVE HERE! SPREAD THE WORD MAKE SURE PEOPLE KNOW 370 MCCOWAN ROAD IS NOT A PLACE YOU WANT TO BE!!

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Previous comment is so true. Jega the srilankan maintenance guy just sits on his ass in the office and rules the landlords. Very obnoxious rude and complains about tenants instead of fixing the problems. Goodluck living here. Gross Place in Scarborough . Moved here 5 months ago and regretting it already

Worst place to move. Full of cockroaches and bed bugs . Maintenance wont help you very rude staff

Never ever move here. There is so little heat in winters . Air gets in through the windows because they are not sealed completely. Complained 100 times instead of fixing the problem they come take photographs of your apt. Make fun of you that you need to buy thick blankets. And if you get upset maintainence guy Jega and landlord lady Geeta will sneak in your apt in your absence and steal your mails. Roaches everywhere elevators laundry room kitchen...even flying ones. Terrible uncomfortable plac

e ...scary

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There are bed bugs in our unit. This only started to happen when the other two units across from ours got treated (I don't know the right word for it. But a guy in a white gown came down to 'gas' the unit). Despite having our unit 'sprayed' frequently, we still see the bloodsucker occasionally.

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