320 Mccowan Rd
Toronto, ON M1J

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I live in the 3875 Sheppard Avenue East, the building is poorly maintained and the worst management in the world! The management staff would yell at you, swear at you and very hostile - they don't treat you like a tenant. When you report anything (bugs or building's problem), they will just yell at you and tell you to leave.

I moved into 3875 Sheppard Avenue East in April...clearly asking if the apartment was bug free....and the property management told me yes absolutely...Within two weeks of moving in from 4 hours North of Ontario, I noticed tiny swarms of red ants near the fridge...then roaches in various locations of my EMPTY apartment, and even a couple of silverfish. In response the management office tried to claim I must have brought them, but I hadn't even moved anything from apartment up North and had minima

l items brand new from IKEA....They would send an exterminator only when i would nag them, but since the exterminator was suppose to regularely show up scheduled treatments and didn't...these ants have spread everywhere...and have mine and my daughter's life hell getting into everything including my electronics...I don't recommend living here unless you want to live with ants, roaches and silverfish, while getting incompetence and false promises from the property management who are always home rather than the office to help.

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They're the pesky Pharaoh ants that come back no matter what you do. We (the tenants) have complained many times to our housing department, but to no avail - they continue to tell us that it's because we're leaving food out (which is pur bull crap!)

I wouldn't reccommend this place unless you like waking up to an ant two inches from your head on the pillow.

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