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Found bed bugs in my own apartment and dealt with them. I also spoke with the bilding manager and within a week my apartment was treated. It helped that I trapped some of them in a glass jar and brought them down to the managers office to show them.

They were in the corners of my daughters crib and thankfully the infestation had only just started. It had not spread to the livingroom or my bedroom. The moment they were discovered, dish soap with poured on those corners and it stopped them fro

m getting away.

Since I dealt with them, I have not had another bedbug problem. Here's how I did it:

1 - Place all items in plastic garbage bags and leave infested items in the infested room, all other items in a sterile room. I recommend in the bathroom in the bathtub.

2 - Any and all clothes within 2 feet of the affected area will probably be infested. Throw them out or wash in extremely hot water followed by the highest heat setting on the dryer.

3 - Extreme heat and/or extreme cold will kill them. Luckily it was February and I froze the little bastards. I also used a steamer on the crib and any cracks or crevices in the wall.

4 - Diatomaceous Earth does work, however, so does Goldbond Foot Powder or Talcum Powder. These buggers can hibernate for up to 18 months without feeding and the BEST way to kill them is to dry them out.

5 - Use double sided tape on all furniture legs that are wooden or place a bowl with dish soap or one of the powders listed above in it under the furniture legs. You will see any bugs, especially with the dish soap.

6 - Spread powder along the floor, next to the baseboards in the infested room. The little bastards will crawl through it.

7 - If space allows for it, move all furniture at least 1 foot away from the walls. These buggers don't like to use their own horsepower to travel. They like to be carried.

If you have lived in one place for more than 2 years and have never seen a bedbug until you move somewhere else like myself, chances are you didn't bring them with you. 90% of the time, it's someone else who's brought them in by bringing in furniture and so on. Don't let anyone blame you for the problem.

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