1340 Danforth Rd
Toronto, ON M1J

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Still dealing with this nightmare. The super doesn't care, and they refuse to treat surrounding units. I've spent a fortune on my own to deal with the issue. There are at least two other units on my floor with the bugs.

I currently live on the 9th floor, and discovered bedbugs this morning! They're in all three bedrooms, and who knows where else. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! Save your belongings, and sanity!!

i lived there for 1 year it was a hell for me the building was full of bed bugs rats spiders management was awful i was glad to survive from there I had my baby before two month of lease end i stayed all nights up scaring that she may have a bite from any of these.

I was asked to remove a christmas tree and box spring from a unit and when I went in to grab the box spring from this unit it had big black dots all over it. when looked at closer you could see bugs moving all over. the date was Feb 2 2010 at the Metcap Building located at 1340 Danforth Road , Scarborough Apartment 1507

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