123 Bellamy Rd N
Toronto, ON M1J

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Actually the building is not bad at all am living there for two years and the only problem I have is with the toilet I wish they will change them its the most annoying toilets ever, when it comes to roaches I don't have any living there I probably saw five roaches and I know they came into the apartment in the night that's when they like to roam and look for apartments that's have food lots of junk and keeps there apartment dirty if you clean don't leave food lying around and don't have your apa

rtment with to much stuff you will be fine its not what you do is how you do it so for the people that complain about the roaches good that you are not there less of you means less roaches and cleaner apartment for people who really knows how to keep it clean.

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I was here from the last one year.Because of the contract iam forced to stay here.I 5hink the building is full of cockroaches and bed bugs. Can't keep any food outside.The fridge and stove is toooo old and they don't even try to fix the complaints also...I never seen such a un hygienic appartment in GTA

This place is horrible!!!!! I lived there 1 year the year before, just for the contract. After moving there, I have seen hundreds of cochroches and everyday it was like living in hell.... Those roches destroyed our food, pictures, bed, cloths etc.... Even after the pest control visited.... The roches were coming from another apartment..... We are very clean people, we never keep left over food, tidy things before going to bed, throw garbage everyday so it is not matter of being clean, this plac

e is infested plus all the floors smells like weed...ALSO very important if anything is broken they will never fix it.... Once our washroom roof craked and fell over my husband no one did anything... Then we got help the next day....and everything is sooo old in the building rusted stove.... Dirty fridge..... It was just horrible...

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roaches and bed bugs seem to be a constant problem for this building. BED BUGS DO NOT DISCRIMINATE!!! My house was kept clean and tidy, yet I still ended up with them because another unit was not treated properly.

I moved into this building mid 2014. The first night I was living there my apartment was CRAWLING in roaches. I had no food or garbage lying around so this could not have been the issue. I notified the landlord and she did act fast on the issue. I have yet to see any but do hear from other tenants they are still having issues. My best advice is to go to Home Depot and buy caulking and caulk all the cracks in the bathroom and kitchen along the sink. I did this after they came in and gelled and so

far so good. Other than the roaches, its a pretty quiet building besides your few obvious crackheads being loud in the hallways at night and the smell of weed on every floor...

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We have only moved into this building a year ago. Within a few months, my entire body was covered in bed bug bites. I still have the scars to prove it. We even see them crawling around. At night, it's impossible to eat anything because the kitchen is covered in roaches. When I open the refridgerator the roaches greet me with a wave. And Donna, no, we are not dirty, and not "living on the system" and "a waste to society". My mom goes to work and a cleaning lady even comes. There is no food lying

around and our apartment is always tidy, yet the roaches eat the cardboard boxes that cookies, cereal, even gargbage bags come in. We keep calling for someone to do something about it and sometimes we get ignored or a guy comes in and feed the roaches some brown stuff and leaves. That's the frustrating part. All buildings have their problems but I'm sure they are being taken care of. The sad part is that we pay almost $1,200 a month to live in fear and disgust in our own home. I'm only 17 and I can't move out on my own yet. I can't wait. Then I won't be known as the "bed bug girl" at school.

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Hi. My name is Donna and I'm the property manager for 123 Bellamy Road N., Scarborough, Ontario. I would like to respond to the comments left on this site. First, thank you to the people who are smart enough to realize that this problem exists because of some tenants who do not take care of their "homes" and always like to blame others for their problems. Have we had instances where tenants had bed bugs? Yes. Have we dealt with the situation immediately? YES! This building has been built, owne

d and operated by the same family for almost 50 years. We take pride in our building and so do our supers, who have been with us for approximately 28 years! There are very few buildings in the city who have not had their share of roaches, mice and yes, bed bugs. But you also have to look at the people who are running these buildings. Do they care about their tenants and the living conditions of the building? We do! Are they constantly fixing up and upgrading when necessary? We are! Is the building kept clean? Our is! There are always going to be tenants who are upset for one reason or another and figure this is a way to get back at us. But if you are looking for a nice place to live, give us a chance. Come to see the building for yourself. Don't take some upset tenant's word for it that our building is infested, because IT IS NOT! Thanks for listening.

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My cleaning lady was trying to help someone from our church organize, clean and dust her apartment.

The cleaning lady said that she saw a few roaches in the apartment, but almost died when she noticed thousands of them when she was putting garbage down the garbage chute. Seeing so many of the critters, scared the crap out of her. That means the building is infested.

She said the lady that she was helping seemed to have bites of some kind on her arms and legs. she says she notices sma

ll blood stains on her mattress sometimes. it would appear that these are bed bug bites which are more noticeable in the morning.

That building has to do something soon. this is not a healthy environment to bring up a family or for people to live.

The building management should be doing something to clean up this building.

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As having lived in the building many years, most of the problems are usually caused by the tenants themselves throwing garbage without proper bagging, or just leaving in the garbage room. The management tries to keep the place clean, but some people are just plain 'slobs' so everyone pays the price. CLEAN UP ONES OWN ACT FIRST

To the last person. Good that you are leaving. You are probably one of the many people who are living off the system and contributing absolutely nothing to society. Leave and take you idle hands and idle mind with you. I am sure that you are easily replaced by a person that actually believes in putting time and effort into their work and home. Because you obviously have no life or direction. Good riddance!

In abundance.. I'm leaving.

We have lived here for years and have seen many uninvited creatures from mice to cockroaches to yes, bedbugs. Like with most buildings around this area, they try to get rid of them by spraying but the problem persists. As long as your not afraid of getting bitten once in a while, its not so bad.

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