4080 Living Arts Dr
Mississauga, ON L5B

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When we first encountered thes bugs, we all thought it had to do with the construction going on around the area. So we thought that all the bumps and itching where because of something airbourne affecting our skin. We had an assumption they were bedbugs, but thought nothing of it when we went to a few doctors and they told us they were not insect bites of any kind. But one night, we noticed that our white pillows and bedding sheets where covered in little red blotches and smears. So we went onli

ne to investigate what it meant. Sure enough, all the signs pointed to bed bugs. So we took apart the beds and some furniture and found quite a lot of bed bugs in and around the crevices. I also realized that anywhere that there was black blotches or spots, thats where they were or have been. We removed all furniture that was infested but still we got a few bites. we know they can't be removed completely from what we do, but we've tried our best to keep everything sprayed with neem oil and tea tree oil. These oils were recommended to keep them at bay. We're at the point of exhaustion with these bed bugs and we want them gone!

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