2247 Hurontario St
Mississauga, ON L5A

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This building has been known as Bed bug town where they grow and play with the tenants.The Management have tried to fix this problem but could not fix this. About the 58% building is creepy with these Bed bugs. It is due to certain reasons because
1.The animals are allowed.
2. The tenants are multicultural basis and not caring about their apartment cleaning so the bed bugs travels from these apartments to other apartments.
3. In this building , many children are there and they have lot of st

uff inside the apartments .
4. The building is pretty old .
5. The company ,they hire to clean the bed bugs are sub standards and not up to the Canadian set pattern of standards.
6. The company is highly technician is infect not professionals.

There are many other reasons but i will suggest you to have complete survey about this building before going to rent the apartment.
The rent is also High but management is although not bad .
The building real management is not taking care that is why the site management is unable to help you out.

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