2170 Sherobee Rd
Mississauga, ON L5A

Found 2 reports:

If you are planning to move in this building, please cancel you tenant contract.
The building is infested with cockroaches. I know more than 4 units struggling with this pests. The spray more than 5 times, nothing.
I have pests now in our fridges, foods, plates, clothes, bags.
Last week. my kid found 3 big ones in his lunch back. he didn't eat his lunch.
The customer service is very poor and they don't care of you complaints.

But you want to eat cockroach, you are welcome. you don't need

to go to the store to buy them.

I am serious.

see full report...

Bed bug infestation, had to throw out most of my furniture. They came to spray several times, and keep coming back and keep spraying. I hope I won't see them again.

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