2020 Cliff Rd
Mississauga, ON L5A

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It really bad that we don't have hot water running well during this Christmas holiday, it very frustrating that we have to boil hot water wit our kettle bfor we can take a shower, this management is very bad ... It makes me sick,

Don't waste your time with this place. It is run by poor management who do not care the building is bring overrun by cockroaches and bedbugs. Overheard neighbors reporting bites and having to throw out mattresses. Saw one couple leave and dispense of their mattress and all other belongings in the garbage. Cockroaches roam every inch of the building, from the laundry room to the main entrances of the buildings I would constantly see them dead on the floor or have to step on them myself. I overhea

rd the superintendent speaking with one of the tenants, she refuses all applications coming from any building in the immediate area as all the buildings have a bedbug and cockroach infestations. Finally got out of this hell hole.

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