1759 Bloor St
Mississauga, ON L4X

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what time is 6 2014 have live at this address 1759 bloor Street for 1 year and there was so much bugs and cockroaches I had to troll many stuff out brand new stuff waste of money the landlord wouldn't reimburse me most of the money that I've spent on my stuff go with you is bad utensil your name it all baby stuff all was damaged return a year I had to move out now staying in a shelter looking for a new place to live without no bugs have a young baby the bugs are biting us even the baby cockroach

es was all in our ears and mouth are a whole body and the whole house was full of it and the building structure is this week they're not doing any minute dance they're not spraying the places we told him between the landlord about it many times does spray about 5 times and still want help so we moved out

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I live at 1759 Bloor St. Last September my apartment got bed bugs. I told the landlord about it and she got my apartment sprayed twice. I had to throw away my beds and couches. I know for a fact that other apartments on my floor have them but she does nothing about it. She said if they don't have a problem with having them, I shouldn't.. But they can come back to my place if she doesn't spray every infected unit. I'm moving in June so I'm not to worried about it, but now I'm afraid to move anywh

ere in this community.

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