1485 Williamsport Dr
Mississauga, ON L4X

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Thank you everyone for your reviews. I was looking to rent a 1 bedroom but after reading the reviews I will look else where. I also contacted the company directly regarding bed bugs and if they sprayed the units before new tenants moved in and all I got was "Those affected are treated accordingly."

We have been living at this apartment for 4 years. Every year there is a new critter to deal with on top of the old critter that will never leave. Firstly cockroaches have made life hell.That was not enough, the next year mice moved in.The management did do something about the mice and thankfully we have not seen more. And then the bedbugs decided to permenantly live with all the creatures. Pigeons are also a constant nuisance. At this rate this will be the new insectopia of Mississauga.

Heating system in my apartment : I am following with management since last couple of weeks but no answer and they put small heater which cannt warm up even 2ft area. I dont know wat i have to do in this situation. Even i face the same problem last year

This place is so filthy. Bed bugs and cockroaches are everywhere. Yes- every corner. Management is doing very little about that.

On top of that tenants have to pay extra fee for their own AC unit. This place is not worth for the rental you pay.

I am moving out.

I have been living in this building for almost 3yrs and have been battling bed bugs for the last year. My unit is infested and I have gone to management on several occasions for help. For some reason they only attack me and my youngest child and not my husband or 13yr old son (my husband and I sleep in the same bed). A couple weeks ago, the lady who lives below me with her 3 young children asked if I had bed bugs. I believe they have travelled from my unit to hers. I am finally moving, but I am

terrified that I will carry the bugs on furniture and they will infest my new home. I cannot afford to throw out another piece of furniture. FINALLY Pest control is coming to spray my unit. But management will only send them for the inital spray and not send them back in 2 wks because I am moving. I feel sorry for the resident they choose to feed off next.

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Since I moved in this building I have been seen Rats / mices and bed bugs...there are so many things are not in proper order in the apartmnet I am staying, I have done regrious follow-up with managment but their response is very tardy...no action in months and months..

There are several units onsite that have or have had issues with bedbugs.

Many of the tenants are not educated on the issue and are very new to the country, so lack of reporting is causing the issue to spread uncheked.

Management takes a very laclustre approach in dealing with the situation and even thought that the problem will leave with the tenant when they vacate a unit.

Do not move here!

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