1470 Bloor St
Mississauga, ON L4X

Found 2 reports:

Its not just bedbugs, there is mice & cockroaches and the Owner of the building blames the problem on Tenants.

As an ex-super I tried my best and stopped using the Owner's cheap ways of fixing things, but that didn't get rid of problem including reporting it to Owner.

Yet while I was making 2000 a monthly salary/payday (40hrs+ & 300/month rent) while the Owner, who works there from time to time (approx 50K/month) execpts me to pay for handling problems of building or would tell me that.

You know what is the worst about all of this is that apparently someone did attempt to report this problem to City and got no results.

see full report...

Bedbugs are all over and landlord doesn't do much to address them. Sprays one apartment and assumes the problem is fixed

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