52 Bayswater Ave
Ottawa, ON K1Y

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There were bedbugs at this address a few months back, it's been treated and my friend reports no current issues.

Update: No bed bugs since November, 2011. I prepped and cleaned like crazy but had to throw a lot out (the amount of cleaning required is just ridiculous). If the people around you aren't vigilant, there's nothing you can do but I seem to be okay. Looking forward to a fresh start though.

First starting getting bitten by bed bugs at 52 Bayswater Ave in September of 2011 (although it took me a few weeks to realize what was happening because I had never had them before).

Told the superintendent and they began spraying 4 days later. Turns out this was one of many reports they had received. Noticed a lot of discarded mattresses after that. After the first round of treatment, in which I could not live in my apartment after the spraying because of the smell, I found two more live b

ed bugs (roaming around the apartment, perhaps in search of new prey because I had duct-taped the legs of my bed and was no longer getting bitten).

They came back and sprayed again, and this time the units around me as well, which they should have done from the start.

THEN finally they decided to do a "preventative" spray in the whole building. Basically they're just not trying to scare everyone off... but I'm out of here!

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Sept 11, 2011: Found bed bugs in/under my bed and reported it to my landlord. Not a huge infestation but nevertheless.

Sept 20: Pre-inspection. They sprayed anyways but I was okay to come back at 8pm (they sprayed at 2pm - I was okay to come back at 6pm but the smell made me a little sick). Was told I need to empty out my drawers and dry everything (in addition to dry cleaning my duvet). Over the next 2 weeks, I spent ~$50 on laundry (mostly just drying everything because I found them in fron

t of my linen closet so I had to dry everything in there too).

October 6: Second treatment. This was a full treatment and again, wasn't allowed back in the apartment for 4-6hrs after the treatment. I needed more. The smell when I got home 10hrs later was awful. Hit me in the face when I walked in the door. Had to leave the windows and balcony door open all night (was really cold too!!!)

Left everything packed up for 2 weeks but continued to sleep on my mattress. After those 2 weeks, I started sleeping on my couch and a hammock I put in my bedroom (to replace the mattress that I had planned on getting rid of anyways). I unpacked most of my apartment at this point too.

Nov 8: Found a live, unfed bed bug for the first time since Oct 6. It was in the kitchen, of all places. I have never read a full success story online (they're only successful if they haven't had any bugs for 2 years) so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Going to ask my landlord to get the pest control to come in again to spray. Took forever to pack everything up and dry everything so I'm REALLY not looking forward to doing this again.

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