90 Willow St
Ottawa, ON K1R

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18 burnside ave Ottawa Community housing has bed bugs in apt 506, 505, 504, 502

I lived in 90 Willow since August and we've had Pest Control treatments in our building on regular basis. I've spoken with the landlord and they told me it's just because they come to "check". Although the apartments right across the hall from me have been sprayed several times and I found out only by the report that was stuck to a door by the pest control company that they were treating for bed bugs. I still haven't gotten any in my apartment as far as I can tell and THANK GOD, however I am ser

iously considering moving because as my previous experience dictates these things are extremely hard to get out and I've lost a lot of my furniture and things a couple of years back.

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I now know that the apartment next door had bedbugs in July and the landlord did not inform me when I moved in in August. He is saying that the apartment was treated - however there are still visible cracks in the baseboard that were not sealed. And now, less than 4 months later the bedbugs are in my apartment. I do not believe that Smithers Asset Management is dealing with this problem effectively and I feel that they were not acting responsibly when I moved in and they did not disclose that th

ere were bedbugs in the next door unit.

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Found bed bugs to tonight. I called the emergency number and a super came to check. He confirmed the bugs and said exterminators would come tomorrow to spray... Will see what happens. Tues. Dec.4 2012

As one of the owners of the property, I would also like to point out to anyone reading this that the units have undergone over $950,000 in renovations since these reports. These reports are old, outdated, and almost all of them are false. There has been only one confirmed report, it was resolved immeidately and monitored consistently. There has not been a single confirmed report since.

As one of the owners of the property I can say that all these issues have been addressed. Out of the 33 units on this property the only one unit has been confirmed with bedbugs. This unit has been professionally managed by a very well-known pest control company in Ottawa, Abel Pest Control. This unit was cleaned and is on weekly monitoring to ensure no future outbreaks. Since the monitoring it has been months with no reports of any bed bugs.

So I believe that it is not fair that all this nega

tive paranoia over one small incident despite immediate resolution of the problem and constant monitoring to ensure it was actually resolved. Due to these negative postings we have had multiple false negatives, tenants who believe they had bed bugs but when professionals inspected the unit nothing was found. We have submitted to the owner of this website to remove the property from here but it seems nobody responds, Maciej Ceglowski <[email protected]>.

We have attempted numerous times to update this database but it seems the individual who created this database does not even look or respond to anyone attempting to contact them. We are currently looking at legal means of ensuring that this property is either removed or updated.

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Guess what! A friend who had visited the resident on June 3, 2011, now discovered that he has bed bugs , 12 of which had bitten him and he had killed on his bed, and then recently had to have his apartment, across from Westgate Shopping Centre, fumigated for the Bed Bugs. It had taken months before they had grown and become adults to become active and cause all the damage. It took two days for him to prepare for the fumigation, and he will have to wait another two weeks until they fumigate again

. Frustrating for him. Also, as a result of the resident not telling him about the problem, they had spread onto him without his knowledge and were carried to his apartment to cause the damage. And now as a result he cannot have any social contact with any friends, family, etc. until this problem is hopefully resolved, if at all. And they can spread to other apartments now as well. And I just got a call tonight that another friend who he had direct contact with, before he knew of the problem, now has the Bed Bug infestation as well, reporting that he has recently been bitten. Were does it end!

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Notice: First report for concerned person/friend date should read 09/04/2011, as when second report was filed 09/05/2011 with same name, the date of the previous report changed to the current one.

The apartment building bedbug problem again should be addressed immediately, with bedbug search dogs being brought in with the specialists to find and destroy all the bedbugs in the whole building as the bedbugs continue to move back and forth between apartments via by persons or through the walls, etc. The residents should be accommodated for this problem, all moved out if the problem can never be eradicated, to another bedbug free location. No one also wants these bugs to be spread to their ho

mes and apartments by the residents who live here. And the company in charge of the building who is renting to the residents should be accountable for this ongoing problem, and should be sued if nothing is done to get rid of the problem. The building is indeed old and it may be time to tear it down to build a new residence for the current tenants like they have done to another building on Booth Street.

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Was visiting tonight a friend at 90 Willow St. and saw several Bed Bugs on my friend's shirt. And also saw a little red bug on his shirt as well. My other friend was bit on his back by one bed bug and blood was clearly visible. I think the place is infested even though his place was sprayed for the bugs two times previously.

Stay away from this building! It has a bad case of bed bugs...it spread into my unit from others in the building. Also, management seems to be doing too little to manage the problem.

Bed bugs forced me to move--I got them from another tenant.

Be careful!

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