420 Gloucester St
Ottawa, ON K1R

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This apartment has a problem with pharaoh ants. I had a small problem with ants in the summer of 2008, but with a small amount of treatment, the problem essentially vanished. I would see an ant or two on occasion, but nothing too bad. The entire building was actually fumigated in late November 2009. As they did the entire building it took a few weeks to complete, and before they got to my floor, the problem intensified to almost unlivable conditions for me and my cats. The problem persisted

after the fumigation was completed - and all of my food in my cupboards had to be stored in bins so that the ants wouldn't get into the food. My garbage was even being stored in the fridge, but thankfully I have had the garbage back under the sink for the past few weeks and no signs of ants. My food remains in bins for now - because I don't want to risk discovering a few hundred ants in the cheerios anytime soon. Anyways, this is just a warning about the ants - if I was paying a few hundred dollars less per month I wouldn't be to upset - but as my rent is climbing to $900/month starting May 2010, I think it's my time to find a new place.

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