175 Bronson Ave
Ottawa, ON K1R

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We take the issue of bedbugs, roaches and other pests extremely seriously. If any resident sees roaches,bedbugs or other pests in their units, please notify the building manager promptly with your unit number and contact information so that we can take action immediately.

As Health Canada reports, bedbugs have become prevalent throughout North America. People now travel more than ever before, and bedbugs are hitching rides on clothing and luggage. They can be found everywhere from apartment

buildings to five

-star hotels to single family dwellings to movie theaters to public transportation. They are frequently brought into apartments through used clothing or furniture, or brought in suitcases after travelling, and are moved from room to room on infested objects.

Paramount Property Management is proactive in addressing bedbugs,roaches and retains professional exterminators who use the latest Integrated Pest Management techniques to address issues of bedbugs and other pests.

Thank you,
Paramount Property Management

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There are roaches in this building! The new management is terrible and I will be moving out as soon as I can!

There are bed bugs, roaches, and mice in this building. My unit got mice and roaches and I am moving out. A unit near me has bed bugs and we have been sprayed twice. Roaches are hard to kill so beware if you're moving here. I heard from other management companies roaches are not common in Ottawa and this building has serious issues.

We reported this immediately as soon as we found out. Management failed to seal some large holes in the kitchen cabinets and took two attempts to finally seal th

e kitchen for mice.

The unit still has lots of roaches and every other week we have pest control comes and treat the unit with bait gel. This is extremely inconvenient because every other week we must empty out and clean ALL the cabinets and drawers. We are very clean and proactive and contacted the pest control company to get suggestions. We have prevented the roaches from accessing water by not using a dish rack and wipe up the sink dry, along with other maintenance routine within our unit. We have spotted roaches in the halls and garage rooms too. Also there are roaches hiding under the microwave and we will have to throw it away when we move.

I'm not sure if the other unit has bed bugs still because management won't say, but we are tired of being sprayed because it means we have to wash and seal all clothes, bedding, books, toys, etc in sealable bags and put them in the bathtub/living area.

These issues started after we got the new management. Another problem this building has bad tenants that don't report pests and don't eventually pests come to your unit. Management says its not their job to make sure tenants are reporting pests in their units. They did not even notify my neighbours we had pests which made them concerned.

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Bedbugs have been found on at least two different floors this summer/fall (2011). Current strategy by the Management is to only treat apartments where bedbugs reported--no inspection/spraying of neighbouring apartments.

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