424 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 5A2

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Had bedbugs at this location three times since September 2014. Turns out I'm immune to the bites but my roommate was being bitten since end of September. We didn't know they were bedbugs til November 2014.

We called out superintendent and he got a company to come in and look, gets back to us saying they didn't find any bedbugs. He has the gall to tell us that if there are bedbugs, we brought them since this building has never had a reported case. I call bull. Both her and I lived with o

ur parents before so there's no way it's us. Clean furniture and everything. And not everyone knows about online reporting sites so it's just not on here yet.

So since I'm immune I go in and literally sit on my mattress late at night to catch one. Caught three and told him. He brought an exterminator in and two days later my roommate and I went back to sleeping in the apartment. Couple days later she was being bitten again so we call again and he brings them in again. All is good after til July 2015.

My roommate found a baby one on her bed and now we're waiting the weekend out and he is going to get an exterminator in probably come Monday. This building is probably infested with them since downtown Ottawa has a SERIOUS bedbug issue.

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