100 Kent St
Ottawa, ON K1P

Found 3 reports:

I found a fully grown adult bed bug in the room where I was staying. I informed the hotel and they replied to me that they found nothing which I found it very hard to believe. They said they would treat the room. They thanked me for notifying but never apologized. I am very annoyed as now I have to deal with possible contaminations on all my items I had in that room. I would think twice before I would ever stay at that hotel.

I just woke up with welts on my back and chest.

Bed bugs attacked me in this hotel on Thanksgiving weekend. I woke up in the middle of the night with welts and extreme itching. It took me quite some time to figure out what had happened. I contacted the hotel to let them know what had happened, and they informed me they had inspected the room and found nothing. I do not believe them. I drove straight from my apt in Toronto to the hotel and stayed there. I woke up and have been dealing with bed bugs bites ever since.

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