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My mom stayed at hawthorn suites by Wyndham in cincinnati, oh. She woke up to find several bites. She reported her bites right away to hotel staff. She went to her next destination, which is her childhood friends house. While there she discovered a live bed bug in her shoe. The next day she went to stay with family only to discover another live bug. In the meantime, the bites marks and swelling are getting worse and there is indications of as many as 100 bites. She has spoke

n to management and they hotly deny any bedbugs as expected. However, my mom has taken pictures of her legs. My mom feels obligated to have each of the homes she has stayed in exterminated, which is very expensive. She is also vey worried about going home where she lives with her handicapped daughter. So the promise of a relaxing and fun vacation had turned into an expensive nightmare. By the way, as of this writing the hotel has offer nothing, not even an apology.

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