10857 Sharondale Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241-2835

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I moved in 10/1/09 and moved out 10/1/10. I was in building E, apartment 103. I never experienced any bed bugs. My boyfriend lived in building E, apartment 101, and never had any bedbugs.

We did speak with people living in building D that had bed bugs. I am not sure which unit they were in.

We moved out of building A due to a bed bug infestation. They sprayed and tried to tell us it wasn't bed bugs. There were also roaches and they tried to tell us those were water bugs. My kids were waking up every morning with lines of bed bug bites down their arms, legs, backs and necks. We were fortunate enough to move out and it is the sole reason we moved.

They will not tell prospective tenants the true story of it being infested with bedbugs. The dumpsters are full of furniture for a reas

on: bedbugs.

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Sharondale Woods, the apartments at this address (which have changed names) have had many problems with bed bug infestations. No problems have been reported to any new tenants and they continually insist that they "have the problem under control". Most of the issues are limited to buildings A, B, C, D, E and F. However, many of the neighbors here have major problems. Some families are living with lawn furniture and air mattresses to avoid a reinfestation, and every week, the dumpsters are fu

ll of old infested mattresses and couches. There have been no pest control measures in nearly 6 weeks now, and the pest control company has changed 3 times in the past 9 months. Many of the children play outside with obvious bites, and nobody is doing a thing about it! People move out weekly it seems, but management keeps bringing new unknowing tenants in. They remodel, raise the rent, and put in a new family for the bugs to live on. It is a sad situation here for those of us who can not afford to move.
We have been having issues with what we initially thought were spiders biting our 3 year old every night, for about 4 months now, (since June of 2008 I think). We have known for about 4 weeks that these are bed bugs, and are still waiting for management to act on our complaint. We have managed the problem with rubbing alcohol, and it has definitely gotten better, but she is still getting bitten nearly twice a week.

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