11414 Lebanon Rd
Sharonville, OH 45241-2268

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There is an apartment complex at 11414 Lebanon Road in Sharonville, Ohio. One the first floor only one apartment is occupied. The tenant has had bed bugs for several months and when the family across the hall moved out, the bedbug problem increased exponentially. An exterminator has been at the site a few times but only sprays the mattress. Management refuses to have the building exterminated and claims that this particular tenant caused the bedbugs and wants her to pay for all treatments.

The bedbugs obviously were there before the girl, who is 19, moved in. This girl is covered in bites.

The phone number to the apartment complex is 513-769-8751, The lady in the office is Kathy and Kathy's manager, Carl, can be reached at 513-477-9000 but refuses to return phone calls from the girls family.

The phone number to reach the tenant is 513-545-5928.

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