11414 Lebanon Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241-2268

Found 2 reports:

A few months ago, the dumpsters seemed to have a lot of bedbug infested furniture again. At least the management here seems to be informing tenets how to prevent, and spot bedbugs. Someone posted bedbug educational literature in the laundry room.

We moved out of Colonial Gardens Apartments a few years ago, after we found out they had some incidents of bed bugs. Considering how difficult they are to get rid of, and the number of residents from other countries that live in these apartments, be cautious if you think about living there.

Perhaps they have cleared up the problem, but it's very hard to do, and takes expert extermination as well as a lot of work from the residents, not mention re infestation from new tenents. I had one crawl

on me (confirmed it was a bed bug by pest control), so I knew there were problems. We were fortunate to leave before we really had them. We lived in one of the "old" buildings.

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