11388 Lebanon Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241-2216

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1 or more apartments, cottages and trailers have had bed bug infestations. It’s hard to say for sure how many because most people seem embarrassed and don’t talk about it. Some renter claimed they told the landlady about it and was told they were spiders and given a can of raid. So the problem got worse because it wasn’t treated properly, so the renters moved out. One renter claimed he moved out because the landlord told he the renter was responsible for the extermination of bed bugs, the

renter claimed he didn‘t want to sue to stay. The dumpster is often full of furniture that seems to be infested with bed bugs. The landlady often seems to lie and claim there is (nor has been) no bed bug infestations. I don’t know if infestations are required to be reported to government agencies, but I see no evidence it is.

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