1833 Losantiville Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45237-3955

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Aug 2008:
This building has now been infested with bedbugs for going on 3 years!!! It has been an uphill battle trying to rid the apartment of these evil pests. Unfortunately, when you live in an apartment building, you are subject to infestation from all sides, literally. I have exhausted myself in all areas in an attempt to rid and "bedbug proof" the apartment, but it is all for not because the neighbors have them and ultimately this is the reason we keep getting reinfested.

adly, many residents at this building are elderly or disabled and do not, or can not, take the proper action required to truly eradicate the problem. The only way to really treat the problem is to have the building management go door to door inspecting each apartment and subsequently treating the infesting areas. Unfortunately, this has not happened in the recent past. In fact, the exterminators who "treat" the building seem to think that the bedbugs are no longer a major problem (trust me, they would if they lived there).
Regardless, the grim truth is that if you live in a large apartment complex and you have been long suffering from bedbugs, your best bet is to move...unless you have a really great landlord who is actively working hard toward a resolution to the problem - and, lets face it, this is rarely the case. My only hope is that a recent change in management will mean more aggressive and diligent action against these relentless pests. All I know is that these creatures are awful and horrible and can really have a negative effect on your life. I would not wish these on anyone and I just hope and pray that this building can get it together and finally help their tenants get long-awaited relief from this bedbug hell at 1833 Losantiville Ave!

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