3900 Rose Hill Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45229-1414

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I've lived at 3900 Rose Hill Ave since 1985. There has never been a time when the whole place was infected with bedbugs as described above. There have been 2 occasions when we had a problem with them - I think 2006 & 2009 - but the problem in both cases was localized to a few apartments on a few floors. One apt. did have a bad problem which forced the people (probably whoever wrote the last report) to move out. That was awful for them, but after they left the problem was resolved & things ha

ve been OK since then.

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I live here since 1999, and it's now February 2012. In that time I have learned of two bedbug infestations, followed by treatment of the affected and neighboring units. Really not surprising with 84 units in the building.
None of those 2 infestations affected us in any way. The first one was in 2006, the second one in 2009, I believe. I think there now is a policy forcing affected residents to have an infestation treated professionally. Do it Yourself just doesn't work with bedbugs.

The only

bedbug I ever saw was a dead one in the basement laundry room around that time. Probably fell out of someone's laundry after being killed in the wash. I remain vigilant, still make regular use of the laundry room, but never saw another bug.

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I have had a suite at the above address for a total of 4yrs and have never seen a bedbug.

This entire building is infested with bed bugs. Since it is a condo building, owners can't sell their condos because of the infestation. They're renting to people who don't understand the severity of the problem, and are then trapped in their leases. They have treated the building for years, but can't get rid of the infestation...and when I mean infestation, we pulled back our blanket the FIRST night in the building and saw at least 5 of them in the bed. They were all over the walls, the fur

niture, everything.

We broke our lease at a loss of thousands of dollars after spending 24 hours in the apartment, had all of our belongings treated, and still spent the next 7 months getting rid of them in our new place because some eggs had traveled with us.

Stay far away from this building.

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